Q – How much will this actually cool my house?

A – Given the variables inherent in house designs, it is impossible to provide precise guidance on what will happen to indoor room temperatures, however we do know that roof space temperatures can rise as high as 70°C, and vents can easily reduce this by 20-30°C, thereby reducing the heat loads on you ceiling insulation and any air conditioning ducts running through the roof space.


Q – What happens if there is no wind, do they still work?

A – If the air in the roof is hotter than the ambient air outside, then the vent will allow that air to escape and help reduce the attic temperature.


Q – Can they be installed on both metal and tiled roofs?

A – The flashing supplied is suitable for use on both metal and tiled roofs, and the instructions make the different steps clear.


Q – Are the vents noisy?

A – Our domestic range all have a bearing system that are designed to be completely silent, each bearing is self-lubricating and requires no maintenance.


Q – Supavent – isn’t that made of plastic?

A – The Supavent is manufactured from Engineering ASA polymers (Acrylonitrile Styrene & Acrylate). It is extremely strong and has been independently tested to withstand wind speeds in excess of 216 km/h.


Q – How many colours do the vents come in?

A – There is a total of 26 colours to choose from